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Xiaomi Massage Gun EU

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Product description

Amplitude, frequency, and force are the keys to a good massage gun that can help relieve muscle soreness that occurs after exercise and improve athletic performance. Xiaomi Massage Gun can provide high-level performance in three different settings, along with intelligent power control, to give you stable deep tissue massage. The three-speed modes at 1,800rpm, 2,400rpm, and 3,200rpm with three replaceable heads can help you target different parts of your body, alleviating muscle soreness and helping unlock more possibilities for sports.

The high-speed and high-torque brushless motor can generate a max force of 570mN and a frequency of up to 3,200 RPM, which can help the massage gun reach 10mm-deep muscle tissue to quickly relax muscle tightness and deep fascia, and relieve muscle soreness after exercise.

The Xiaomi Massage Gun can provide constant and stable power output under external pressure. This way the power remains stable even under strong external pressure. It can accurately detect applied pressure at 25 times per second and gives you real-time feedback with the “pressure indicator” so that you can be assured each percussion is perfect and precise for your body.

The low-noise brushless motor plus noise reduction technology makes the Xiaomi Massage Gun extra quiet for a peaceful relaxation of your body and mind. The dynamic balance design ensures the massage gun is stable during operation, keeping the vibration amplitude of the body less than 1 mm. While the shock-absorbing soft rubber handle provides a comfortable grip and prevents hand numbness.

The lossless transmission design enables an up to 5-hour battery life on one charge or 30 times of use at Level 1 intensity. The Type-C charging port is compatible with charging cables for laptops and cell phones, enabling flexible charging with one cable for multiple electronic products.

The Xiaomi Massage Gun is also equipped with a hidden air inlet and outlet. Not only does it provide a sleeker look, but also effective protection from sweat-causing malfunctions for a safer user experience. The Xiaomi Massage Gun weights only 870g, with a compact size of 47 mm for convenient usage and storage. It also comes with an easy-to-carry storage case, so you can take your Xiaomi Massage Gun wherever you go.


  • Professional Brushless Motor
  • Intelligent Power Control
  • 3 Speed Modes
  • 3 Replaceable Heads
  • Up to 5 Hours of Battery Life
  • Ultra Quiet Operation


  • Motor Type: 36W Brushless Motor
  • Maximum Torque: 0.57 N.m
  • Intensity Levels: 3
  • RPM: 1750 / 2350 / 3100 RPM
  • Percussion Depth: 10mm
  • Rated Input: 20V-1A
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 2600mAh (22.2V)
  • Battery Duration: up to 5 hours (or up to 30 times of use in Level 1 intensity level)
  • Port Type: Type-C
  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 6.5 x 21.9 cm
  • Product Weight: 870g ±10g


  • Xiaomi Massage Gun – Black x1
  • Massage Head x3
  • Power Adapter x1
  • Charging Cable x1
  • Storage Case x1
  • User Manual x1
Weight 1.654 kg
Dimensions 25 × 9.5 × 26.5 cm


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Xiaomi Massage Gun EU
R2,066.00 EX VAT

Availability: 44 in stock